Hillary Barta • Inker, Web

Barta was born on June 17, 1957. His first comics work came in June 1982, when he helped legendary Marvel inkers Al Milgrom, Joe Sinnott and Sal Trapani provide inks for the pencils of Don Perlin on The Defenders #108. He inked #115 solo and then inked Dave Cockrum's artwork for a backup feature to the Giant Size X-Men #1-reprint X-Men Special Edition #1 in February 1983.

Asylum Press




Sami Basri • Cover Artist, Shield

Is a 28 year old artist living in Jakarta, Indonesia. His work has been seen in JLA: Classified and Witchblade.


Patrick Brosseau • Letterer, Hangman

Is a Senior Letterer at DC Comics. He is a graduate of the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon & Graphic Art and resides in New York, NY.




Talent Caldwell • Artist, Web #5

Talent Caldwell came to the attention of artist Michael Turner of Top Cow Productions and was signed to work with that comic book company. He made his professional debut drawing backgrounds on Turner's Fathom. Caldwell went on to draw the Fathom mini-series Killian's Tide. When Turner and some other Top Cow employees broke off to form Aspen Comics, Talent joined them. Talent's Fathom: Dawn of War miniseries, which he co-wrote and drew, was released in 2004. Talent then left Aspen and began doing freelance work for DC Comics and Marvel Comics.


Talent EST.com

Joey Cavalieri • Editor, Red Circle One Shots

is a writer who has also served as an editor in the comic book field. His writing credits include The Huntress, The Oz-Wonderland War, The Flash, and World's Finest Comics series, all from DC. He first joined DC full-time in 1982 after working three years as a freelancer. He was group editor of the Marvel 2099 series from 1992 until 1996 before returning to DC. Cavalieri also created the story for "Beaten by a Club," the second story of Issue #4: "Rocko Gets Night Clubbed!" of Rocko's Modern Life.
He has been recognized for his work with nominations for the Comics Buyer's Guide Fan Award for Favorite Editor every year from 1997 through 2000, and again from 2002 to 2004. In 2005, DC promoted him to Senior Editor.
He also teaches cartooning classes at the School of Visual Arts.


Tom S. Chu • Colorist, Shield One Shot

Tom has almost 10 years of experience in the field of comics and graphic design, providing professional expertise in Photoshop, Illustrator as well as other designing programs, whether it’s conceptual art or packaging design, Tom Chu and his Color Dojo can help you bring out the best in you and your project.


Sal Cipriano • Letterer, Shield & Inferno

Born, bred, and still proudly residing in Brooklyn, NY, Sal Cipriano is a professional comic book writer and letterer. He was educated at SVA, and along the way has honed his skills, knowledge, and integrity as (amongst other things) a publisher, photographer, and manager. Sal's published work includes The Adventures of Bio Boy, Vengeance of The Vapor, and The Hill. Currently, he is a full time letterer at DC Comics.


Chris Conroy • Assistant Editor, Red Circle One Shots

He attended the New York University from 2000 to 2004. In February 2005 Chris became Editorial Administration Operations Coordinator at DC Comics. In August 2008 he was promoted to Assistant Editor, working for Joey Cavalieri.

Tom Derenick • Penciler, Hangman

Is a comic book illustrator/artist working mainly for DC Comics. He started his career working for Cry for Dawn productions and Malibu Graphics, His first published works were Subtle Violence (CFD) and the Protectors (Malibu).


Eber Ferreira • Inker, Shield

-Is from Minas Gerais, Brazil. His inking was first seen by American fans on the cover of Dark Horse's Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Wayne Faucher • Inker, Shield #4

Wayne Faucher is a veteran inker working for both DC and Marvel.

Nick Filardi • Colorist, The Fox

Nick Filardi grew up in New London, CT listening to Small Town Hero, watching Batman the Animated Series and fending off ladies. After graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2004, he colored for a Zylonol Studios under Lee Loughridge in Savannah, GA while maintaining the pretense of working an "office" job. Currently living in South Philly with his three-legged dog, Deniro.

My First Robot.com


Michael Gaydos • Artist, Inferno #6

Michael Gaydos is a graduate of The Cleveland Institute of Art. He has received two Eisner Award Nominations for his work on ALIAS with Brian Michael Bendis for Marvel. Gaydos' home and studio are located in Warwick, NY. His work may be seen at Beacon Artist Union, in Beacon, NY. He is also the owner of the recently opened Gallery Warwick a fine art gallery and private showroom located in the village of Warwick, NY.

Michael Gaydos.com


Gallery Warwick
Lehigh & Hudson Building
2nd floor
17 River St, Warwick, NY 10990

Gallery Warwick.com

Randolph Gentile • Letterer

Randolph Gentile is a new letterer working for DC.

Rachel Gluckstern • Editor, Red Circle

Is a Colorado transplant and comics enthusiast who somehow manages to combine she hobby with her paycheck and works as an Editor at DC Comics.


Mick Gray • Inker, Shield

Started out at age 16 as a draftsman. This was right before computers (CAD) so everything was painstakingly done by hand! He designed packaging for an electronics company, illustrated technical manuals and designed book covers. Around 1989 He fell into comic book inking when a friend told publisher Dan Vado (Slave Labor) he had a friend who could do backgrounds for them. Mick brought his portfolio, got hired on the spot and his career took off. He assisted many professional inkers in the biz until I was confident enough to take on his own projects 6 year later.




Marc Guggenheim • Writer, Web #5

Hailing from Long Island New York, Guggenheim worked in Boston as a lawyer and part-time writer for five years. After a romantic comedy script led to a few meetings he decided to make the move west to be a screenwriter. He based the time of this move to coincide with the season that television companies hire new writers. The Practice was his first official job. He served as an intern at Marvel for a time in 1990 for editor Terry Kavanaugh (Excalibur, Namor, Marvel Comics Presents). He also managed to color an eight page Iceman/Human Torch story while there. His writing experiences also include the comics Aquaman for DC, Wolverine and The Punisher for Marvel, and an undetermined amount of script work for the Rare Game Perfect Dark Zero. He also served as a supervising editor for Law and Order, Jack and Bobby, CSI: Miami, and In Justice.

Richard Horie • Colorist, Inferno

Richard Horie has worked in almost every field as a comics creator, from writer and penciller to inker and colorist, the latter of which he (with wife Tanya) is perhaps now best known. Richard worked for Disney, Image Comics, Maximum Press, Awesome, Chaos! Comics, before coming to work almost-exclusively for DC Comics in December, 1998.


Tanya Horie • Colorist, Inferno

Working with he husband Richard Horie has colored nearly ever hero in the DC Universe.

Brandon Jerwa • Writer, Inferno

Brandon Jerwa is an American comic book writer and musician currently residing in Seattle, Washington. He is best known for his work on comic tie-ins for several prominent licensed properties, including Battlestar Galactica, Highlander, G.I. Joe and Army Of Darkness. In September 2009, Jerwa made his DC Comics debut as the writer of the "Inferno" co-feature in "The Shield," a new monthly series that introduces re-imagined versions of the classic superhero characters (once published by Archie Comics) into the DC Universe. Jerwa also collaborates frequently with fellow writer Eric S. Trautmann


JG Jones • Character Design, Red Circle

He brought us 52 weeks of startling covers on DC's ground breaking weekly series, 52. J. G. Jones's comic work extends beyond the world of covers to include Wanted with writer Mark Millar (and a major motion picture this Summer), Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia with writer Greg Rucka, and the eagerly awaited Final Crisis with Grant Morrison, also debuting in Summer 2008.

JG Jones.com

Josué Justiniano • Penciler, Mister Justice

Attended a comic convention and met the creators at Chaos! Comics. The next stop of the Chaos! Tour was the following weekend at a comic store not too far his hometown in Connecticut. He made some samples based on the first few pages of Evil Ernie and when they came around, he gave them copies. Publisher Brian Pulido gave him is first assigned. A few months after that, at the same store, he met someone worked at Marvel, and insisted that I showed my stuff to editor Marc McLaurin. It worked out, because he called Justiniano back a few days after, and started him on What If...?


John Lucas • Inker, Mighty Crusaders

John Lucas is made entirely of popcorn and Caro syrup. It defies biology and common sense and has baffled the great minds of our times. Sadly, the judgements of such big-brained muckity-mucks come at no small cost. So, John must toil away for the few odd coins a cartoonist's life will afford, that he may remain free of the chains of the debtors prison. John's work has appeared in funny books published by D.C., Marvel, Darkhorse, Ad House and Top Cow. If you don't believe it, look it up.

His work has appeared in comics by D.C., Marvel, Darkhorse, Ad House and Top Cow - on characters including Superman and Wolverine. He has done illustration work for Upper Deck's Superhero card games, The Austin American Statesman, Revolver Magazine and for a ltd edition of Joe R. Lansdale's Drive-IN 3 horror novel. He has also done package design work for a variety of clients while employed by NYC design firm MADA Design.  He would like to branch out into more magazine illustration and possible design work for cartoons and film.

Comic Art Fans.com

John Kalisz • Colorist, Mighty Crusaders

John Kalisz is an artist who has worked as a colorist in the comics industry. He has been recognized for his work with nominations for the Comics' Buyer's Guide Favorite Colorist Award in 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004. He is a devoted fan of the Buffalo Sabres and is currently coloring an acclaimed run on Detective Comics and the Mighty Crusaders.

Travis Lanham • Letterer, Web & Hangman

Travis would like to find full-time or freelance work in the fields of sequential artist and illustration. He attended the Savannah College of Art and Design and received a bachelors in sequential art in 2003. Since August 2004 he has worked for DC Comics initially starting in Pre-Press and currently working as a letterer.




Stanley "Artgerm" Lau • Cover Artist, Web

Co-founder / Creative Director of Imaginary Friends Studio
As Co-founder and Creative Director, Artgerm plays a vital role in both the operational and creative aspects of the business. He often finds himself dividing his time between creating great art, overseeing projects and meeting up with current or potential clients. Formally trained in visual communication and advertising, he is experienced and highly-capable in a wide range of creative skills; from digital painting, graphic design to digital imaging. Artgerm's works have garnered much attention and a huge following of fans from around the world, and his art can be found in many publications such as Spectrum, Expose, ImaginaryFX, Corel Painter and Fusion Junction.

Imaginary F S.com



Art Lyon • Colorist Shield

Is a professional comic book colorist, as well as an illustrator and budding writer. He grew up in South Bend Indiana and attended the University Of Iowa.


Guy Major • Colorist, Web & Hangman

Guy is a comic books colorist. He was born in Illinois but grew up near Yosemite. He now live in San Francisco with his lovely wife, Jackie. When not coloring comics he runs a photography studio and collects wine.





Francis J. Manapul • Cover Artist, Shield

Filipino-born cartoonist Francis Manapul is a rising star in comics, and was recently named one of Newsarama's 9 Creators To Watch in 2009. Currently working out of Toronto, Manapul first broke into comics with a shot story in 1998's Love In Tights and was quickly snapped up by Top Cow for a series of issues on Witchblade and Necromancer before moving on to DC Comics.




Scott McDaniel • Penciler, Shield One Shot

During his college years at Bucknell University, he met, Glenn Herdling, who got me started with Marvel Comics. After graduation, Glenn went to work for Marvel Comics, in editorial. Scott was offered a Prowler back-up story in Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #9.


Michael Avon Oeming • Penciler, the Fox
Michael Avon Oeming grew up in Bordentown, NJ, USA. He started his career in comic sat the age of fourteen, when he had an inking job at Innovation Comics. After many of such jobs, for titles like 'Judge Dredd', 'Daredevil' and 'Avengers', he created the mini-series 'Ship of Fools' with writer Bryan J.L. Glass. He went on to develop his sharp graphic style in comics like 'Hammer of the Gods', 'Bastard Samurai', 'Parliament of Justice' and 'Powers'. The latter, created in cooperation with writer Brian Michael Bendis, became especially popular.


Andy Owens • Inker, Shield One Shot

Like most inkers, Andy started out as a penciller. He would go to conventions and stand in line for portfolio reviews. Andy noticed that if there were say, 100 people in line, 97 were pencilers, 1 was a colorist and maybe 2 were inkers. At the same time, a buddy of his Jason Gorder broke into the business as an inker. So, Andy started concentrating on inking. He would bartend at night and come home and practice inking till the sun came up. He did this for almost 2 years when he met Art Thibert at San Diego Comic con. Art liked Andy's work and was looking to fill out a studio of inkers. Andy was hired on as an inking assistant. Which was basically an apprenticeships. He learned all of the ins and outs of the business. Andy then moved on to his own work, starting at Top Cow and then moving on to Dark Horse, Marvel and eventually DC.

Eduardo Pansica • Penciler, Shield

Is a Brazilian penciler who's work in Dynamite Entertainment's Savage Tales #7 gained the attention of American fans. This lead to work at DC Comics on Superman #691 and the Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance mini-series.

Javi Pina • Artist, Mighty Crusaders

Javier Piña is a Spanish artist who began his career in the mid-1990s, drawing for the 451º fanzine. For Semic France, he is an illustrator of the series 'Strangers', alternating with fellow Spanish artists like Manuel Garcia and Fernando Blanco. Pina has worked on 'Manhunter' and the Superman titles for DC Comics.

Cliff Richards • Penciler, Shield #4

Cliff Richards was born in 1964 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. He began drawing at a very early age. Although high school teachers tried to warn him that his art "wouldn't take him anywhere," Richards persevered and took jobs illustrating for advertising companies while waiting for his big break in the field he always wanted to work in — comics. He got his break working with David Campiti's artists' agency, Glasshouse Graphics.





Jeremy P. Roberts • Cover Colorist, Shield

Jeremy Roberts was born and raised in Oshawa, Ontario. He took the Joe Kubert School correspondence courses, and started out as a penciler doing some small press comics. From there he began coloring for Bright Anvil Studios in Toronto. After Bright Anvil, Jeremy began coloring for DC.


Angela Robinson • Writer, Web #1-4

She wrote and directed D.E.B.S, a short film which debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in 2003 and later turned it into a full-length feature film of the same name which was released in 2004. She has also directed Herbie: Fully Loaded starring Lindsay Lohan and has written and directed episodes of The L Word. She attended Brown University in California.






Roger Robinson • Penciler, Web

Roger has worked in the entertainment industry for 16 years. He's utilized he's wide range of 3D, concept design, comics & storyboarding experience to make a positive impact on exciting projects like the new SPLATTERHOUSE video game, BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHTS and ALIEN vs. PREDATOR graphic novels. Roger was hired by BottleRocket Entertainment as a 3D Environment. Hired for his strong 2D skills, and his eagerness to learn, Roger quickly learned Maya 3D software while working on Xialin Showdown video game. Later he became the concept artist for the new SPLATTERHOUSE and THE FLASH video game which he also storyboarded and worked on the pre-viz for the cinematics. He also illustrating comic books for MARVEL, DC, & DARK HORSE COMICS. Worked on numerous high profile comics like Batman: Gotham Knights, Alien vs. Predator, Superman, X-Men, and Spider-Man. Roger created, co-wrote and illustrated the creator-owned comic book ECHOES OF THE DAMNED with co-writer James Pascoe. With his strong storytelling ability, he storyboarded on a couple of independent movies and a music video.



Duncan Rouleau • Charter Designer

Duncan Rouleau has worked as a comic book artist for companies like Dark Horse, DC, Image Comics and Marvel. Among the titles he illustrated are 'Venom: The Hunted', 'X-Factor', 'Adventures of Superman' and 'The New X-Men'. He illustrated the 8-issue mini-series 'The Metal Men' for DC in 2007. His first graphic novel, 'The Nightmarist', was published by Active Images in 2006. In 2008 he started working on a 5-issue mini-series about paranoia for Image Comics, called 'The Great Unknown'. Rouleau is part of the Man of Action collective, together with Joe Casey, Joe Kelly and Steven Seagle, who created the animated series 'Ben 10' for Cartoon Network.

Man of Action.tv

John Rozum • Writer, Inferno

John Rozum is the creator of Milestone Comics' Xombi, and Vertigo's Midnight, Mass. He's written about monsters and their hunters for years. From Clive Barker's Hellraiser to Mulder and Scully to Shaggy and Scooby. In addition he has written several titles directed at children. John currently lives in the deep woods of Michigan.




Marco Rudy • Penciler, Shield

Marco is from Mozambique, in Africa. Currently he is living in Brazil. He broke in to comics through the internet and Deviantart. There he met an American writer, Grant Chastain and Grant invited Marco to join the Ronin Studios forums and work with him on a project called Corrective Measures. Almost immediately after that, he began talking with Howard Wong about this "drunk Super Hero" idea he had for a mini-series which was eventually published as After The Cape. After that Marco received regular work from DC Comics.

Jesús Saiz • Cover Artist, Red Circle One Shots

Jesús Saiz began his career in the mid-1990s, drawing for the fazine 451º, and the mini-series 'Azoth' for Camaleón Ediciones. He also provided cover illustrations of 'Conan', 'Star Wars Manga', 'Xenozoic Tales' and 'Adolf y Buda' comics for Planeta-De Agostini. In 2000, he went to work for the US market, starting with several assignments for Dark Horse. He then did mini-series like 'JLA: Black Baptism' and 'Midnight, Mass' for DC and DC/Vertigo. For DC's Wildstorm imprint, he worked on the critically acclaimed series '21 Down'. He worked with Greg Rucka on 'The Omac Project' and 'Checkmate'. He works in a studio with David Lopez

Greg Scott • Artist, Inferno

Greg worked at Neal Adam's Continuity Studios in NYC, and wanted to do comics full time. He dropped off samples at the receptionists desk on a Friday. The next Monday he got a call, or THE CALL, which was his first Marvel job. He got my first DC job because he heard the editors took smoke breaks at 10: 30, he rode up to 1700 Broadway on his bike, asked "who works for DC?" and handed out samples, Greg, got a job at DC few days later.


Boleslav Felix Robert Sienkiewicz • Inker, Hangman

Boleslav Felix Robert "Bill" Sienkiewicz was born May 3, 1958 in Blakely, Pennsylvania. He moved with his family to Hainesville, New Jersey, when he was five years old. There he attended elementary and secondary school. He later attended the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts in Newark, New Jersey. Sienkiewicz began drawing "when he was about four or five", and continued doing and learning about art throughout his childhood. His early comic-book influences include artist Curt Swan Superman comics, and artist Jack Kirby's Fantastic Four. After art school, Sienkiewicz brought a portfolio of his work to DC Comics' art director Vince Colletta. The artist recalled in 1985... “They didn't have any work for me, but that didn't bother me. I just figured that if comics didn't work out I'd have done advertising or illustration. Vinnie called Neal Adams, who put me in touch with Jim Shooter. Soon after that I was drawing Moon Knight in The Hulk black-and-white comics magazine”. Sienkiewicz broke into the comics business at age 19 with an art style heavily influenced by Neal Adams' work.


Joseph Michael Straczynski • Writer, Red Circle One Shots

Joseph Michael Straczynski (born July 17, 1954), known professionally as J. Michael Straczynski and informally as Joe Straczynski or JMS, is an American writer/producer. He works in a variety of media, including films, television series, novels, short stories, comic books, and radio dramas. He is also a playwright, former journalist and author of The Complete Book of Scriptwriting, a well-regarded tome on the subject. He was the creator and show runner for the science fiction TV series Babylon 5, its spin-off Crusade, and Jeremiah. Straczynski wrote 92 out of the 110 Babylon 5 episodes, notably including an unbroken 59-episode run through all of the third and fourth seasons, and all but one episode of the fifth season. He also wrote the four Babylon 5 TV movies produced alongside the series. Straczynski is a graduate of San Diego State University (SDSU), having earned Bachelor's degrees in psychology and sociology (with minors in philosophy and literature). While at SDSU, he wrote prolifically for the student newspaper, The Daily Aztec, at times penning so many articles that the paper was jokingly referred to as the "Daily Joe." Straczynski currently resides in the Los Angeles area.

Matthew Sturges • Writer, Web

Matthew Sturges's works include the comic book series House of Mystery, Shadowpact, Salvation Run, Countdown to Mystery, Blue Beetle, and the Eisner Award-nominated Jack of Fables, co written with Bill Willingham. His short stories have been published on Revolutions SF and in the anthology Live without a Net. He lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife and two daughters.

Eric Trautmann • Writer, Shield

Eric has written stories for DC Comics, Prima Games, and Image Comics. Recently, Eric completed scripting chores on JSA vs. Kobra: Engines of Faith, a six-issue miniseries that launched on June 10, 2009. His ongoing series The Shield (also for DC) launched in September 2009. In addition, he is the co-author of a forthcoming DC/Vertigo original graphic novel (which he wrote with Brandon Jerwa). Along with Jerwa, he is the co-creator of Wide Awake, an upcoming weekly webcomic, which has been optioned for feature film development.



David Uslan • Co-Writer, Mister Justice

David Uslan is the son of famed filmmaker, Michael Uslan, who was been behind each Batman film from Tim Burton's 1989 movie to Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight," as well as the recent Frank Miller-directed "The Spirit" and the "Swamp Thing" television series of the early 1990s. As such, the younger Uslan grew up immersed in comics and film. "My dad obviously is a big comic guy. I was born into that world, that unique bridge between the comic book world and the entertainment industry."



Michael Uslan • Co-Writer, Mister Justice

Michael Uslan, who holds three degrees from IU, has had an outstanding career in Hollywood spanning over 30 years. He is well known in the film and comic book industries as executive producer of the "Batman" franchise films. He won a People's Choice Award in the "Favorite Motion Picture" category forBatman (Warner Bros. 1989), and an Emmy Award for "Best Animated Series" as executive producer of Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?

Julián López Velarde • Penciler, Mighty Crusaders

Is a artist living Barcelona Spain. His work has been seen in the pages of... Batman and the Outsiders #1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9  JLA: Classified #47 , 48 Superman #676  Titans #5 - 7 Faces of Evil: Kobra #1  Oracle: The Cure #1 - 3 Action Comics #880  World's Finest #1  Batman Monster Edition #4  Adventure Comics #8 / 511  Superman 80-Page Giant #1

Steve Wands • Letter, Hangman & Inferno

Steve is an artist, writer. and letterer for DC Comics. He runs Apparatus Revolution (staydeadrev.com). Steve dose vocals for When They All Fell. It's Steve's fault the world is coming to an end.

Apparatus Revolution!

Walden Wong • Inker, Web

A veteran inker in the comics industry, Walden Wong has worked with all of the major publishers, including DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Dark Horse, Top Cow, and Disney. Walden's studio is located in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Jason Wright • Colorist, Shield

Jason Wright is a veteran colorist working for both DC and Marvel.




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